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Our full grooms are for your hairy furries who are in need of a hair cut. 
This service includes full professional styling specific to the breed.

Maintenance trims are for those who need a little spruce up without taking length off of the coat all over. 
Includes sanitary trim, clipped pads, tidy of face and outline of coat. 

Hand stripping is a service specifically to those breeds with a wire coat such as Border Terriers.
The excess coat is removed by hand to maintain coat texture and promote new growth. 

This service is for those who don"t require any cutting. 
Includes a deep clean, blow-dry and a brush through the coat. 









All of our grooms include nail clipping, ear cleaning, deep cleanse,  facial scrub, calming lavender wrap, blow-dry, brush, natural fragrance spritz and complementary bandanna/bow

Extra Services

Nail Clip

Deshedding Treatment

Teeth Cleaning

Flea Shampoo


Perfect add on treatment for moulting breeds. This service includes a dead sea, mud mask treatment enriched in minerals and oils to promote a healthy skin and coat as well as removing excess hair. 

Nail clipping is included in every groom but we also offer it as a stand alone service


(Added onto

a groom)

We are proud to offer our ultrasonic teeth cleaning treatment. Please click here to read more.

We ask all customers to ensure their dogs are free of fleas by using preventative treatments in order to keep the salon a flea free zone. However, should those little blighters appear we have a shampoo treatment to kill and repel.


(Added onto

a groom)


At Palmer's Pet Services we ensure that we use only the best products on our customers, which is why we choose to use Milly's.



Cruelty Free



They contain aloe vera and neem oil to promote a healthy luscious coat whilst leaving your dogs smelling delicious!​

Always Tested On Humans!

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