Teeth Cleaning

Did you know, 80% of dogs will have some kind of dental disease by the age of 3 years old?

Our ultrasonic toothbrush combines air oscillations with ultrasonic nano-bubble toothpaste to fight dental disease 

Cleaning without noise and vibration, allowing us to clean without anaesthetic

Cleaning under the gum line and in between teeth, where normal toothbrushes are unable to reach

No abrasive damage to enamel, gums or teeth

Optimises blood circulation and lymphatic flow through the mouth

Stimulates healing and regeneration of wounds and damaged tissue

Eliminating pathogenic bacteria build-up on the teeth, gums and under the gum line

Prevention is better than cure!



Results after just one session


Initial sessions


Top Up Sessions


Bulk of 5 Top Up's


(£10 saving)

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